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Our team of highly respected legal professionals is committed to providing thorough support in the establishment of your company and delivering crucial legal services to promote the expansion of your business in Lithuania. Our immediate priority is to familiarize you quickly with the legal framework of Derikta, guaranteeing a smooth integration into the local business community.


Derikta is a group of professionals consisting of consultants, paralegals, and legal advisors who can assist you in launching a company and expanding your business in Lithuania. We are eager to provide you with information about Lithuania’s legal landscape as quickly as possible.

We assist our clients in acquiring cryptocurrency licenses and other financial licenses in addition to company formation, legal services, and accounting services.

We are a multilingual company and can communicate with you in several languages, so we can answer all your questions about doing business in Lithuania in your preferred language!

Every day, Derikta makes economic contributions to the Lithuanian Republic and fosters a culture of ethical business conduct. Our company has a strong credit rating in Lithuania.


Company Registration

There are three viable options available for registering a company in Lithuania, each requiring a minimum investment of 1,000 EUR.

Accounting Services

In Lithuania, all businesses and affiliates are required to maintain accounting records.

Legal Services

Legal assistance for businesses owned by non-Lithuanians.

Digital Nomad Visa

While Working remotely as a Digital Nomad or Freelancer, You can obtain an EU long-term DIGITAL NOMAD VISA or RESIDENT PERMIT Visa that allows you to continue to work in the Europe while enjoying the tax benefits among others.

Financial Licences

Transparent and affordable virtual currency authorisation is offered by the Lithuanian Government

Business Visa

You can apply for a long-term working visa when you are the owner of a company or branch office in Europe.

Residence Permit

You may request a residence permit if you intend to remain and work in Europe on a permanent basis.



Lithuania has become a prime destination for ambitious entrepreneurs worldwide, thanks to its rapid and efficient digital environment and its embrace of financial innovation. Our goal is to extend corporate boundaries and offer fresh startup prospects to clients across the globe. By leveraging Lithuania’s limitless technological potential and convenient business solutions just a click away, we aim to bring added value to the global business landscape and foster international collaboration.

Team Work

We recognize that the effectiveness of our work is reliant on the individual commitment of every member of the Derikta team. Therefore, our team’s guiding principle revolves around collaborative support and daily cooperation. We find motivation in engaging with our clients, partners, and colleagues, valuing their input and fostering strong relationships. We are fully aligned with our mission and ensure that our corporate values permeate every facet of our business operations. Our success rests upon the establishment of realistic objectives, taking collective responsibility for team decisions, and delivering on the projects we initiate.

Individual approach

We take pride in serving clients with diverse ethnic backgrounds and view their integration into the forefront of Lithuanian business as a key part of our mission. We are adept at swiftly adapting to industry fluctuations and addressing a wide range of challenges. Moreover, we maintain a strict commitment to professional ethics, recognizing their importance in fostering effective collaboration. All of our services are customized to meet the specific needs of our international clients and can be further refined based on their individual preferences.


The ever-evolving global landscape necessitates swift and efficient responses, and at Derikta Company, we remain aligned with the times. We highly value our clients’ time, which is why we prioritize delivering our corporate, accounting, and legal services with utmost speed. Recognizing that a firm’s performance directly impacts its success in a volatile environment, we prioritize providing high-quality service within the shortest possible timeframe. As such, we make it a point to respond to all client inquiries within a matter of hours.

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Contact Us


Registration number: 305883144
Registration Date:
Giruliu G. 5, Vilnius, 12124, Lithuania.

We are pleased to be available for any inquiries you may have within our office hours, which are from 9 AM to 5 PM [EASTERN EUROPEAN SUMMER TIME]. For your convenience, please feel free to reach out to us during this time. You can contact us at

+370 6279 1138

We try to answer all e-mail enquiries within 1 hour between 9AM–5PM [EASTERN EUROPEAN SUMMER TIME]


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