Legal Services in Lithuania

International business owners in Lithuania have access to complete legal support from the law firm DERIKTA LT, MB since 2016. Our main goal is to offer efficient, customized legal solutions to business owners so they can launch and expand their businesses successfully and safely.

DERIKTA LT, MB has accumulated substantial competence throughout the course of our many years in practice in dealing with a variety of issues across numerous business sectors. We take pride in offering a variety of services to our clients, such as:

Legal assistance for Lithuanian businesses

DERIKTA LT, MB’s services focus on outcomes, not just procedures. Every foreign business entails unique traits, risks, difficulties, and potential growth prospects. Our primary objective is to rapidly analyze and assess each client’s issues, considering all intricacies, and offer the most suitable and tailored solutions for every situation.


At DERIKTA LT, MB, you have the privilege of working alongside esteemed specialists in legal consulting and Lithuania’s judicial practice. Demonstrated by the success of numerous companies in effectively tackling their business objectives and disputes, our firm rightfully holds its place among the best legal firms that cater to international entrepreneurs. Our adept team of lawyers will meticulously analyze your situation, offer professional counsel, and determine the most suitable and beneficial courses of action.


Our array of legal services caters to international entrepreneurs, providing a one-stop solution for all your business requirements, from inception to reorganization or closure. All the essential legal services are readily available online, and our capability to act on your behalf in Lithuanian State Departments saves you precious time, making the entire process seamless and efficient.


Our company prides itself on a team of lawyers, each well-versed in specific fields of law, facilitating rapid and personalized solutions, even in the face of intricate scenarios. Our diverse range of services encompasses commercial law, contract law, labor law, legal document drafting, contract consultation, trade license advice, trademark registration, and much more.


When you choose DERIKTA LT, MB for legal services, you can trust in our commitment to absolute confidentiality, precise assessment of business risks, and strict adherence to Lithuanian laws. Drawing from our extensive expertise, we have a proven history of effectively resolving corporate disputes, complex legal conflicts, crisis situations, and proactively mitigating potential risks.


We offer comprehensive legal support throughout the entire existence of your company, covering all financial and economic activities.

We protect our clients’ interests in corporate conflicts, covering everything from resolving disputes outside of court and handling lawsuits to representing them in arbitration and intellectual property rights cases.

Our Due Diligence service delivers an unbiased assessment of your business, pinpointing existing risks, and proposing effective measures to mitigate them.

We provide strong protection for companies’ intellectual property, offering services that include trademark registration, patenting inventions, and legal representation in intellectual property disputes.

We offer a complete range of valuation services for businesses, covering business valuation, share valuation, real estate appraisal, equipment evaluation, and intellectual property assessment.

We provide legal guidance and practical aid in registering legal entities, accrediting foreign missions, and branches. Our services cover drafting and amending constituent documents, as well as assistance with entity liquidation, bankruptcy, reorganization, and the closure of representative offices and branches.


Dew Diligens’ key task is to minimize risks and to form an objective picture of the potential attractiveness of the transaction for the client.

Due Diligence Legal Audit is a comprehensive assessment of the object of funding, including tax, financial and legal verification of the business before buying or investing.

Assessing the attractiveness of a business when conducting a purchase-sale transaction, identifying risks and developing actions to minimize them are those priority tasks that allow you to solve Due Diligence. But beyond the technical side of this complex process, there is another equally important task. It is important that the verification of the business before purchase was objective, and helps the customer to make the right decision. In that regard, the psychology of the relationship between all the Parties involved must be taken into account in order for the transaction to take place under conditions that take into account the interests of both the seller and the buyer.

Due Diligence can reveal:

DERIKTA LT, MB has been providing legal services in Lithuania for more than 6 years. Our experts conduct financial, tax and legal Due Diligence based on:

  • Vast experience in similar cases;
  • Long-term monitoring of the conditions for development and stagnation in various business areas in the short and long term;
  • Accurate understanding of the current situation in the economy and legislation of Lithuania

The Due Diligence service from DERIKTA LT, MB allows not only to identify already existing problems of the investment object, but also to determine possible prerequisites of future risks.

Due Diligence from DERIKTA LT, MB is:

  • objective information about the investment object;
  • comprehensive assessment of the state of the business at the time of transaction;
  • assessment of financial, legal, tax and other risks related to the present and future of business;
  • develop measures to minimize the identified risks acceptable to the parties to the transaction.

Due Diligence services are provided by:

  • for small, medium and large businesses;
  • for the whole business or for its part (as part of complex projects related to the construction of holding companies or reorganization of existing ones);
  • in full or in separate aspects of the Client’s business.

We carry out:

1. Due Diligence Company
  • verification of the legal personality of the company, including the analysis of constituent documents;
  • verification of the legitimacy of decision-making bodies of the company;
  • check the legal ownership of shares (shares) by shareholders (participants) of the company;
  • Analyse the rights of the company to intellectual property objects, movable and immovable property, financial investments in the capital of other companies, including verification of correctness of registration of rights on various types of property of the company, as well as limitations and encumbrances of property;
  • analysis of the company’s compliance with labour legislation, including verification of the existence and correctness of employment contracts, staffing table, records management, other documents related to the registration of labour relations;
  • verify the legality of activities requiring licensing and/or certification;
  • verify the existence and status of judicial and extrajudicial disputes in which the company is involved, as well as the seizure of property;
  • verification of transactions that are essential to the business activity of the enterprise.
2. Financial Due Diligence Company
  • analysis of assets and sources of financing, fixed assets, inventories, accounts payable and receivable, income and expenditure structure;
  • analysis of debt history, as well as identification of hidden liabilities;
  • assessment of accounting systems and documents circulation applied in the company.
3. Tax Due Diligence of the company
  • check the status of the company’s payments with the tax budget and other mandatory payments;
  • check the tax accounting system and tax planning for compliance with legislation;
  • identification of risks of possible claims by tax authorities, as well as assessment of possible tax consequences.

The cost of the Due Diligence service is assessed individually, depending on the object of the evaluation and the volume of tasks.


General Data Protection Regulation (General Regulation on Data Protection) – a law adopted by the European Union to regulate and ensure transparency in the processing of personal data. It contains processing requirements, rules on the transfer of personal data, protection standards and fines for violations of the law.

Under personal data, GDPR refers to any information that identifies a user:

  • Name and surname;
  • Details of the identity document;
  • Date and place of birth;
  • Place of residence/registration;
  • Contact details
  • IP address and connection parameters.

Separately classified «specially protected data». They include such criteria as:

  • Nationality and race;
  • Religion
  • Political views;
  • Health data (medical reports, test results, etc.);
  • biometric data (voice recording, fingerprints and other physical, physiological or behavioural features suitable for the identification of the subject);
  • sexual orientation and so on.

According to GDPR two types of operators work with information – handlers and controllers. The former process the data directly, the latter acts as a source of data and verifies their correctness. At the same time, the company has the right to be both a processor and controller. For example, process customer data and monitor the processing of your employees.

Lawyers from DERIKTA LT, MB provide legal advice based on long-term experience to bring data storage and protection in your company in line with the expectations of supervisory authorities, as well as to cope with the consequences of violations of GDPR.

Main objectives of the data protection regulation

The main ideas of the regulation are to protect personal data, to ensure the rights and freedoms of people regarding data protection, to restrict the free movement of data within the controlled territory.

The main objectives of the Act are:

Companies subject to GDPR law

The GDPR applies to fully or partially automated processing of personal data of EU citizens, both within the EU and abroad. Natural and legal persons, organizations, State structures and other institutions are obliged to comply with the law. Any activity, even non-commercial and non-reimbursable, related to the processing of this, falls under the influence of the regulation.

For example, if a website accessible to EU citizens collects cookies, it falls under the law. When an EU citizen registered with a service and left his personal data, GDPR is also required.

GDPR Policies and Procedures

Accountability is one of the most important concepts introduced by GDPR. Accountable companies should have appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure proper handling of personal data.

Appropriate policies and procedures help organizations to meet compliance obligations, reduce the risk of data leakage, build confidence and inform all stakeholders about data processing in the organization.

Necessary documents

  • Privacy Notice (Foreign Privacy Policy). External document for customers, employees candidates, website visitors and other data subjects, which describes how the organization collects, uses, transmits, stores, etc. personal data.
  • Internal privacy policies and procedures, how the company processes personal data;
  • How to use information and communication technologies for data protection;
  • Data leak management and reporting procedure;
  • policy of processing of personal data of employees of the company;
  • Data access control policy;
  • other internal instructions related to data protection;

What companies risk non-compliance GDPR

Ignoring GDPR norms can have consequences of various nature:

  • For non-compliance with GDPR, the authorities can impose fines of up to 4% of annual turnover on violating companies. The amount of the penalty varies according to the gravity of the violation, its duration and its consequences. Additional financial implications for violators can be expressed by claims from the direct owners of data.
  • Unwillingness to comply with GDPR can cause negative opinions about the company. Customers may be afraid to interact with the company due to lack of data protection, and partners will avoid cooperation due to bad reputation.

GDPR Audit

DERIKTA LT, MB can carry out a data protection audit that will determine whether your Lithuanian company’s controls, policies and procedures comply with the requirements of GDPR, as well as provide opportunities to improve further data storage and collection.

Advantages of GDPR auditing:

  • GDPR audit identifies areas of high risk and opportunities to improve operational efficiency;
  • GDPR audit ensures that policies and procedures comply with the current Lithuanian/EU legislation;
  • GDPR audit helps to reduce risks by highlighting weaknesses in data collection and protection;

Companies should conduct regular internal audits to assess the effectiveness of compliance. Documented audits are vital in case of violation or complaint because they demonstrate integrity and can help avoid future regulatory fines.

DERIKTA LT, MB is a team of lawyers who will provide the legal assistance necessary for data protection. Contact us to get advice and protect your company from data theft or loss and regulatory sanctions.


Intellectual property is a valuable intangible asset of a company that should be profitable. Intellectual property management, like ownership rights, includes both the direct use of the company’s own designs as part of its development, and the temporary transfer or sale for additional profit.

But in a highly competitive environment, the management of intellectual property in a company carries high risks.

DERIKTA LT, MB experts will help you:

Each case is dealt with by experts who have extensive practical experience in the field of intellectual property management of the organization in the direction of business with which the interests of the client are connected.

This allows to minimize risks and find individual optimal solutions for each specific task.

Company intellectual property management includes:

  • Consultations on intellectual property rights
  • Valuation of intellectual property
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Drafting alienation contracts for intellectual property
  • The creation of licensing contracts and commercial concession contracts
  • Other legal services related to the enforcement and protection of intellectual property rights

Registration of a trademark in Lithuania

A trademark (TM) is a designation for the individualization of goods and/or services of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

The registration of a trademark (brand, logo, name, trademark) is a mandatory measure to further protect your authorship, reputation and income of your company.

Words, pictures, volumetric and other symbols or combinations of them in any color or color combination may be registered as trademarks.

What does a registered trademark give:

  • legal protection of the mark throughout the registration area
  • its unrestricted use for its own purposes and the prohibition of its use by others
  • license to use it on a reimbursable basis
  • the collateral in various transactions
  • an asset that can be sold

Trademark registration services in Lithuania include:

  • advice on the protection of the trademark during its creation phase
  • advice on the procedure of registration of a trademark
  • recommendations for selecting the classes to be specified when registering a trademark
  • search for identities and similarities with already registered trademarks
  • calculation and assistance in preparing an application
  • formation and application for a trademark
  • obtaining a Trademark Registration Decision

Individual approach to the formation of a package of services for the registration of a trademark.

The registration of a trademark mark and its payment can be done in stages (search for similarity or identity of the registered symbol with already registered trademarks or submitted applications; registration and submission of an application for registration of a trademark; interaction with an expert in the examination on the merits, correspondence with the Lithuanian Patent Department; obtaining a trademark certificate) and complex turnkey.

Preliminary risk analysis

We always provide detailed information on the possible risks associated with denial of registration and how to deal with them, thus saving considerable time for all procedures and predicting possible results.

Service speed

Work on the registration of trademarks we conduct through electronic services, which allows to significantly reduce the time of obtaining a trademark, and to cooperate promptly with experts from the Lithuanian Patent Department and clients for the exchange of necessary information and documentation.

International Trademark Registration

The trademark has a territorial effect – that is, is protected only on the territory of the countries where it was registered, but is subject to risks in countries where it is not yet registered. Registration of a trademark in Europe or Asia, Australia or America – Company in Lithuania UAB will help to protect your rights anywhere in the world.

Quickly and reliably

Our company has established, tested relations with foreign patent offices and patent attorneys and our experts have extensive experience in this field and are proficient in the nuances of foreign legislative systems. This is especially important if you are interested in registering a trademark in Asia or another country with a completely different mentality, when it is important not only to know the laws, but also to be able to properly establish a dialogue with the regulator.

Optimal solution for your business

Depending on your business plans, we are ready to offer you registration in individual countries, comprehensive services of international registration of a trademark in the European Union or registration by international procedure, which protects your intellectual property in more than 90 countries.

Methods of international registration of trademarks
1. Registration of a trademark under the national procedure
  • Suitable in case you plan to develop a business in 1-3 foreign country.
  • Made by separate application for registration of goods the national patent offices of each of your interests countries, mostly through national patent attorneys.
  • Requires translation of documents into a foreign language
  • Among the expenses are the services of the patent attorney of the country in whose territory it is necessary to obtain a trademark certificate, and duties, customized for each country
  • Regulated by national protection legislation intellectual property
  • The procedure for registering a trademark in individual countries can take up to 3 years
  • Claimants exercise rights that they may be granted in accordance with the Paris Convention
2. Registration of a trademark in the Patent Office of the European Union
  • Used if you are planning business development in the territory of EU member states.
  • Registration of Community Trademark (STM), i.e. European Trademark, valid in all European Union countries that exist today or will join the European Union in the future.
  • European tradema rk can be registered, transferred, nullified, or null and void only the whole territory of the EU at once.
  • The steps of CTM trademark registration include the application to Internal Market Harmonization Authority (trademarks and industrial designs) – OHIM, or through the national agency of the country European economic community.
  • The application is made in one of the official languages of the European Union – English, French or German.
  • The European Agency has no right to reject the CTM application on the basis of identical or similar signs found in the official search for
  • Early and similar to the degree of mixed bid and registration for goods signs. Only third parties can contest the published application for the CTM persons from any EU member country on the basis of earlier national rights.
  • European trademark can be registered in 6 months.
  • Registration of a trademark in the European Union is valid for 10 years.
  • To ensure the validity of CTM registration, registered European mark must be put into use at least in one EU country within five years of the date of registration.
3. Registration of a trademark by international procedure (under the Madrid Agreement and its Protocol)
  • This is international protection of intellectual property in the event business planning in several countries.
  • Allows to obtain international registration of a trademark in more than in 90 countries.

The countries parties to the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol:

Albania, Algeria, Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Benelux countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands), Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Bhutan, China, France, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Cyprus, DPRK, Egypt, Hungary, Germany, Spain Iran, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Mongolia, Moldova, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Swaziland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Switzerland, Vietnam, Macedonia, Liberia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Latvia.

Countries parties to the Protocol to the Madrid Agreement only:

Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bahrain, Botswana, Denmark, EU, Estonia, Ireland, Israel, India, Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Madagascar, Finland, Ghana, Georgia, Iceland, Norway, United States, Zambia New Zealand, Oman, the Republic of the Gambia, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Colombia, the Philippines, the Republic of Rwanda, Syria, Sao Tome and Principe, Singapore, the United States, Tunisia, Sweden, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Great Britain.

  • It is possible to extend legal protection both if there is an application to register a trademark in the country of origin, i.e. if there is a decision to accept an application for consideration, and on the national registration already received, i.e. if there is a trademark certificate (or numbers in the TK Registry).
  • The application for international registration of a trademark is made in French, English or Spanish, therefore, there is no need to translate the application into the national languages.
  • A single state fee is paid for the application for international trademark registration.
  • The examination period of the application for international trademark registration is limited to 18 months.
Steps for the registration of a trademark by international procedure (under the Madrid Agreement)
  • Preliminary search for identity and similarity with trademarks in the declared countries
  • Formal examination of the application by WIPO International Bureau
  • Examination of the application by national patent offices
  • International Trademark Registration

Legal services of Company in Lithuania UAB for the registration of trademark:

  • advice on the international registration of trademarks,
  • development of a strategy for the protection of a trademark abroad, depending on the tasks of the Client,
  • conducting a preliminary search of identical or similar symbols,
  • preparation of documents required for the preparation of an application for the international registration of a trademark,
  • handling of cases on request, including correspondence with the International Bureau of WIPO, making changes to the application documents, informing the client about the payment terms of the respective duties,
  • preparing and filing an objection to notifications by national patent offices,
  • obtaining and transmitting a trademark certificate to the client.


The protection of intellectual property objects is a responsible and complex task that can only be entrusted to experts. If the fact of physical theft is easy to prove, the protection of intellectual property rights requires very delicate and accurate work of the lawyer, because in this case it is about the use of intangible ideas.

Legal services for the protection of intellectual property from DERIKTA LT, MB – reliable guarantor of security of unique ideas of your company.

Intellectual property rights protection

Rich experience

Specialists of DERIKTA LT, MB know all the ways of legal protection of intellectual property in Lithuania. We successfully help resolve patent disputes and disputes over trademarks, patents for inventions and useful models. Including disputes:

  • the authorship of the invention, the utility model, the industrial design;
  • establishment of patent holder;
  • violation of the exclusive right to invention, utility model or industrial sample;
  • the conclusion, performance, amendment, and termination of exclusive law transfer agreements and licensing contracts for the use of intellectual property objects;
  • representation of the Client’s interests in patent disputes;
  • challenge the decisions of the Patent Department;
  • invalidation of the patent;
  • right of prior use and right of after use;
  • the amount, term, and manner of payment of compensation related to intellectual property objects.
International practice

International protection of intellectual property rights is a particularly difficult task, which requires a thorough knowledge not only of Lithuanian but also of foreign laws.

The protection of intellectual property in the United States, where the so-called «case law» is still strong enough – that is, the rendering of a decision based on previous similar cases. In this case, the protection of copyright and intellectual property directly depends not only on knowledge of the laws, but also on the knowledge of the lawyer in the jurisprudence of the past years.

Our specialists have extensive experience in foreign jurisprudence and are ready to represent international protection of intellectual property anywhere in the world.

Customized solution

You will work with experts specializing in this area and have experience in doing business similar to yours. Among other things, an intellectual property lawyer will be chosen to deal with legal disputes, who has extensive practice of winning cases in relation to similar objects (trademarks, prototypes, copyright objects, etc.).

Integrated service

We provide all services related to intellectual property protection – from preparation of documents related to patent disputes to representation of the client’s interests in court.

Company in Lithuania UAB experts will prepare for you a complete set of documents necessary for legal protection of intellectual property. Of which:

  • Legal actions aimed at resolving trademark disputes, patent disputes in case of infringement of rights to intellectual property;
  • Objections to expert decisions;
  • Objections to the withdrawal of the application;
  • Objections to patent for an invention, utility model, industrial design or against trademark registration;
  • Objections to decisions taken on the basis of the results of the formal examination of the application;
  • Applications for recognition of the trademark in Lithuania;
  • Applications for early termination of trademark protection due to non-use.

Copyright and intellectual property protection includes representation in the Department of Patent Disputes, as well as in all instances of civil and arbitration courts on all matters related to patent disputes as well as trademark disputes. Of which:

  • Preparation and implementation of measures for the pre-trial settlement of the issue, by the cessation by third parties of abuse of the right (illegal use of intellectual property);
  • Judicial protection of intellectual property;
  • Representing the Copyright Holder in the Antimonopoly Service;
  • Preparing legal opinions and consulting on the issues.
Independent patent examination

As we have already mentioned, legal protection of intellectual property objects is often complicated due to the impossibility «at a glance» to establish the fact of borrowing.

DERIKTA LT, MB provides independent forensic services:

  • comparison of the features of the formula of the invention (utility model) with the counterfeit goods (technology);
  • industrial sample features comparison with counterfeit goods;
  • definition of the degree of mixing of the registered trademark with the symbol used, etc.

Modern, high-precision technologies are used to reliably protect intellectual property rights and qualified professionals are employed, competent in the field to which the intellectual property object belongs. Effective methods of work allow us to prevent any infringement in the field of protection of intellectual property objects as quickly as possible.


Most of the corporate disputes are resolved at the pre-trial stage, making this phase of global importance. The effectiveness of preventing and resolving corporate conflicts depends on how quickly they are addressed.

The position of the parties to a corporate conflict should be based on the law.

In many cases, the timely communication to the shareholder of a firm’s clear and well-founded position in the conflict contributes significantly to the prevention and resolution of corporate conflicts. 

In addition, the company to provide the shareholder with comprehensive information on the issue being the subject of the conflict, allows preventing repeated appeals of the shareholder to the company with the same demand or request and to create conditions providing the shareholder the opportunity to realize and protect their rights and interests. 

It is for this purpose that negotiations are necessary. It is recommended to work on the settlement of the conflict direct participation of the shareholder through direct negotiations or correspondence with him. Negotiations are necessary to clarify and resolve existing differences.

DERIKTA LT, MB is ready to represent the interests of both the company and the participant (shareholder) whose rights have been violated, having previously established the scale and causes of the conflict and determined the most competent plan of action for the resolution of the conflict at the stage of its origin.

Drafting of statements/acts for amending constituent and local documents

The need to amend documents may be due to various reasons due to the changing environment in which the document was adopted, new requirements of the legislation, reorganization of the management system, etc. The introduction of changes may require contradictions and errors identified in the document itself. There are no uniform rules for amending all types of documents. The complexity of the preparation of organizational documents and the wide variety of information in them call for clear regulation not only of the form but also of the content of such documents.

Within the framework of this practice, we are ready to provide services on drafting and examination of corporate documents of legal entities:

  • Preparation of draft corporate documents prepared taking into account the Client’s wishes, business specifics and relationships with co-founders (shareholders);
  • If necessary, we will prepare a written legal opinion containing comments to the documents, risk description and recommendations.
Drafting of letters, complaints, claims on disputed issues

As part of this expertise, Company in Lithuania UAB offers the following services:

  • Services for the analysis of contract documents to establish the basis of claims on behalf of the principal;
  • Preparation of applications or complaints concerning violation of conditions of internal rules of a company and requests for their elimination;
  • Negotiation of alternative means of performance, including third-party involvement (e.g., assignment of a claim);
  • To examine the financial situation and solvency of persons in order to determine the prospects of the judicial process.
Clarification and advice on enforcement.

Legislation governing the resolution of corporate disputes is sufficiently voluminous, contradictory, and complex to allow for complex analysis. In addition to the normative legal acts, the provisions established by the highest courts are applicable.

It also requires the identification of general trends and developments in judicial practice, which also has a significant impact on conflict resolution and can be a lever of pressure on the opposing party during the pre-trial settlement phase.

In order to clarify and form a model of behaviour for those concerned in a given conflict situation, we are ready to provide a motivated legal opinion, supported by the positions of the supreme courts and case law, on the problem.

DERIKTA LT, MB offers assistance in the organization and conduct of pre-trial settlement of disputes.

The rich experience of our experts allows us to reach mutually beneficial agreements in a short time and with minimal financial expenses.

Legal services of DERIKTA LT, MB include:

  • independent legal assessment of the situation;
  • organization and conduct of the negotiation process;
  • seek and assess opportunities for dispute resolution, including identifying the prospects for a solution for each party;
  • simulation of legal schemes for resolving conflict situations, taking into account a real assessment of possible actions of contractors;
  • a formal record of the agreements reached;
  • making agreements and other documents reflecting the parties’ agreements.

As part of the pre-trial dispute resolution service, we help:

  • organize the negotiation process;
  • share objective problem and its subjective perception;
  • eliminate the most acute contradictions and bring the parties closer together;
  • to come to an understanding.

Lawyers of our company carefully study each situation and, based on the current legislation of Lithuania, agreements, contractual arrangements and related factors, develop a strategy which allows you to protect the interests of clients as much as possible.

Our experts have extensive practical experience, including in the following areas

Pre-Trial Tax Dispute Resolution

Most often, the need for pre-trial resolution of tax disputes arises because the taxpayer is not fully aware of the tax legislation and allows certain violations (including, in the preparation of documents). However, there may be errors on the part of the auditors.

Company in Lithuania UAB experts will help you to defend your interests and even in case of actual violations on your part to minimize or even completely avoid penalties and other sanctions.

Pre-trial settlement of labour disputes

This practice allows the most civilized and constructive way to resolve the conflict while preserving the possibility of further cooperation and confidentiality.

The experts of DERIKTA LT, MB have experience in resolving both individual and collective disputes, including at the international level.


Bringing an action and defending one’s interests in court is considered a last resort – long and unpredictable on the basis of results. But sometimes it’s the only way to defend your rights and protect your interests – whether it’s money, real estate, intellectual property, and sometimes the company’s reputation.

Bringing an action before an arbitral tribunal

The claim has many nuances – from the rules of completion of documents to the formulation of the statement of claim.

DERIKTA LT, MB specialists will help you to understand all issues:

  • to which court to apply;
  • how to make a claim correctly and with the greatest benefit;
  • how to apply correctly;
  • what documents should be attached;
  • copies of what documents are worth keeping;
  • how many days is the time limit for filing an industrial action

Attorneys of our company are guided in detail in the peculiarities of protection of intellectual property rights, solution of commercial and labour disputes, as well as in all issues related to business activity.


Filing a counterclaim is particularly difficult for people. This is a psychologically difficult situation to begin with, because it is no longer simply a violation of rights, but an attempt to present it as a legitimate and justifiable act.

An incorrect counterclaim could jeopardize the very possibility of defending your rights.

The lawyers of DERIKTA LT, MB can provide the following services:

  • We develop optimal strategies even in the most complicated and complicated situations, we understand every situation thoughtfully and can combine the law and interests of the client correctly;
  • We have a rich legal practice, whether it is to bring a counterclaim in an arbitration court or in a court of general jurisdiction, in Lithuanian courts or in the settlement of international disputes;
  • We offer comprehensive legal services – up to representing your interests in court.

DERIKTA LT, MB is always protecting the interests of your company.


Resolution of commercial disputes has been one of the main activities of the Company in Lithuania UAB since 2016. Each case is handled by experts specializing in this area and having a rich practical experience.

The regulation of commercial disputes requires a strictly individual approach to each situation. It is important not only to understand in detail the legislation, but also to have in the baggage of knowledge of real legal practice.

Accurate risk assessment

Our experts have a detailed understanding of legislation and relevant amendments to regulations. But more importantly, they operate a voluminous body of knowledge on real legal practice in the settlement of commercial disputes and understand numerous business nuances.

This allows us to accurately assess the risks and resolve the situation with maximum benefit for the client, regardless of the scope of his interests, whether:

  • Building disputes;
  • Disputes arising from delivery agreements;
  • Real estate and rental disputes;
  • or any other disputes related to your Lithuanian company.
Detailed strategy

The settlement of commercial disputes does not tolerate surprises. Specialists of Company in Lithuania UAB will develop a strategy that allows:

  • settle the dispute in your favour;
  • minimize risks regardless of counter actions of opponents;
  • make the most of all information and evidence for the benefit of the customer.

We not only handle information provided by the client, but also effectively identify the necessary facts about the importance, of which you may not even suspect.

International practice

Experts of DERIKTA LT, MB have extensive practice in the introduction of business not only in the territory of Lithuania, but also in other European states. The settlement of international commercial disputes is based on foreign legislation and examples of similar cases.

We closely follow the current regulatory changes and always develop the most effective strategy to protect your interests.

Legal services of DERIKTA LT, MB include:

  • risk assessment in the event of a commercial dispute:
  • participate in the negotiation process and the pre-trial settlement of the dispute;
  • bringing a case to court or representing an interest in an ongoing process.

We do the following in dispute resolution:

  1. Claim work for pre-trial settlement of the dispute;
  2. Simulation of legal schemes for resolving conflict situations, taking into account a realistic assessment of the prospects of a potential case;
  3. Representation of interests in arbitration courts, the Court of Intellectual Rights;
  4. Challenges to the acts of state and municipal authorities and officials;
  5. Participation in arbitration cases;
  6. Preparation of claims, withdrawals, applications, and other procedural documents;
  7. Preparation of legal opinions and advice on the issues raised.


Efficient resolution of labour disputes is the key to stable and profitable work of the company, but in any case the problem is easier to prevent than to solve.

We offer you the help of an employment lawyer for;

  • to develop an optimal concept of the relationship between employees and employer, suitable for the requirements of your business;
  • registration of relations with employees of the company in the interests of the business owner;
  • assessment of the prospect of a labour dispute.

You can also hire an employment lawyer to:

  • to maintain its interests in the form of an employment relationship;
  • to bring it into line with the legislation in force and to document the employment relationship scheme you need.

If the problem has already arisen, the lawyers of DERIKTA LT, MB are ready to take over the resolution of individual and collective labour disputes and fully protect your interests.

As part of the protection of workers’ and employers’ labour rights, we provide the following services:

  • Legal advice on labour disputes;
  • Carrying out a comprehensive check of documents for compliance with Lithuanian labour legislation;
  • Preparation of employment contracts (contracts), amendments thereto, and termination agreements, including all associated documents (e.g. corporate decisions, where applicable);
  • Modification of essential terms and conditions of employment contracts by decision of the employer due to organizational or technological changes;
  • Settlement of collective labour disputes;
  • Resolution of individual labour disputes;
  • Legal advice on labour law and the observance of labour discipline by employees;
  • Preparation of contracts on the protection of personal data and other documents, including agreements on the cross-border transfer of personal data and the processing of personal data by third parties;
  • Addressing issues of documentation compliance with personal data protection legislation;
  • Settling labour disputes in the organization in pre-trial procedure;
  • Settlement of labour disputes in court.


M&A deals are an effective tool for expanding business and freeing up capital to restructure the investment package. But in some cases it is the result of great competition in your field.

DERIKTA LT, MB helps protect the interests of buyer and seller and minimizes the risks of forced takeover.

M&A Transaction Support

Support of M&A transactions includes consultation, structuring of M&A transactions, strategy development and consideration of all risks when buying and selling business/assets, representation of interests, both buyer and seller:

  • business/ asset acquired/alienated legal auditing;
  • development of options for its sale and acquisition;
  • assessment of the value and effectiveness of M&A transactions;
  • assessment of the consequences of implementing the chosen method of acquiring and selling a business/asset;
  • preparation of the documents required to conclude a transaction;
  • legal support for M&A transactions.

The most common mistake in M&A transactions is a lack of planning. Neglect of post-merger issues, overestimation of potential benefits, and inadequate risk assessment can negate efficiency and result in significant losses to the company.

In mergers and acquisitions, each party has its own conditions. Lack of understanding, clear vision leads to the fact that the transaction is repeatedly complicated, stretched in time and, ultimately, includes a minimum of conditions beneficial to both parties.

Structuring M&A deals involves optimizing terms and designing a scheme that best reflects your interests.

DERIKTA LT, MB experts:

Business transaction support

According to the statistics, the support of a business sale and purchase by experts can increase the total profit by 30% and more.

Support of transaction on purchase and sale of business includes:

  • analysis of the constituent documents;
  • analysis of the financial state of the business;
  • choice of the form of transaction execution (under the contract of sale or replacement of participants of jur.person);
  • preparation of documentation for transaction and state. Registration of change of ownership;
  • consultation and legal support of transaction conclusion.

Support of business transactions is one of the main activities of the Company in Lithuania UAB since 2016. Our experts have experience in various business areas, can accurately assess the efficiency and potential of the company, exclude legal and other risks—including those related to international transactions.

The help of the DERIKTA LT, MB is the most profitable business sale and transaction without delays in time and pitfalls.


Subscription Legal Service of Organizations is a comprehensive support of the activities of the Lithuanian company for all necessary legal services at a fixed cost.

DERIKTA LT, MB offers subscriber legal services to companies on the terms of:

  • Complete outsourcing (in the absence of an enterprise’s own legal department);
  • In cooperation with the company’s legal department.

And, in the second case, you can delegate us to perform specific tasks independently or to entrust the joint work with your specialists.

The high qualification of our experts, rich experience and open attitude to our clients allows us to quickly connect to the solution of any, even the most difficult tasks and immediately find common ground with the lawyers of the company-client.

Comprehensive legal services include:

Your advantages in cooperation with DERIKTA LT, MB:


Due to the absence of the need to create or expand the legal department of the company, the cost of legal support for the business is reduced several times. In addition, legal subscription costs of legal entities may be included in the balance sheet and tax calculations.


DERIKTA LT, MB employs experts with various specializations, who have experience in various business areas and know up to the nuances in the legal intricacies of specific business activities. Our specialists regularly undergo advanced training and deal with relevant amendments to the legislation.


Since legal services are provided by several specialists, any tasks are solved as quickly as possible. DERIKTA LT, MB provides comprehensive legal services for business without risks and force majeure. Our experts organize the continuous performance of your tasks.


Subscription legal services of organizations are provided with 100% confidentiality, including, under the condition of material responsibility of the contractor for the information entrusted to him. The experts of DERIKTA LT, MB are developing the optimal cooperation option for each client, choosing the methods that will ensure legal security of your company at minimum cost.


Experts of DERIKTA LT, MB offer full legal support of real estate transactions – both on the buyer’s side and on the seller’s side. Providing legal services to international entrepreneurs since 2016, we have rich experience in legal support of transactions with commercial real estate, production, residential and other objects.

We offer the following services:

Legal advice

Our experts will answer all your questions, will tell you in detail about the procedure of purchase or sale of the object, will point out suspicious aspects that need to be checked and will help you to fully navigate your legal field.

Verification of legal purity of the facility

  • Real Estate Title Verification
  • Request and Obtain Real Estate Information from Alternative Sources
  • Verify Parties’ Authority
  • Identification of Possible Real Property Encumbrances and Claims
  • Identifying real estate disputes
  • Conclusion on the legal purity of the facility

Legal support of real estate transactions implies, first of all, exclusion of future risks in relation to the object being acquired/sold. Experts of DERIKTA LT, MB will protect you from both fraudsters and from problems that may not be known by the owner of the property being purchased. That is why a lawyer is so important for the support of a real estate transaction – applying to DERIKTA LT, MB, you can be sure that your transaction will not be contested and will not bring you unexpected further costs or litigation in the future.

Participation in negotiations to negotiate the terms of the transaction

  • Transaction Mapping
  • Negotiating Position
  • Negotiation of Transaction Terms

Legal support of real estate transactions includes participation of experts of DERIKTA LT, MB in negotiations with the second party and/or its representatives to reach mutually agreeable agreements and mutual understanding.



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