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A group of knowledgeable professionals working for DERIKTA LT, MB are committed to helping you launch a business and promote expansion in Lithuania.

We offer comprehensive support in obtaining cryptocurrency licenses, facilitating bank account opening, facilitating real estate leasing or acquisition, conducting market research to identify potential customers in Lithuania, and assisting in staff recruitment, in addition to company formation, accounting services, and legal consultation.

Our team is qualified to respond to all of your questions on business operations in Lithuania in your choice language because we are fluent in five different languages, including English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, and Russian.

We sincerely ask that you carefully read the terms and conditions of our collaboration before using DERIKTA LT, MB’s services. Please be aware that the terms and conditions of cooperation may be changed at any time by mutual agreement of the parties.

The legal terms that control your relationship with DERIKTA LT, MB and permit you to use this website and request services are outlined in the Terms of Use. The Privacy Policy, which specifies the rules to be followed while using this website, is also incorporated into this agreement.


1.1 The Customer is required to adhere to the online ordering procedure specified on the Contractor’s website when availing themselves of the services.

1.2 The Agreement shall be in effect for the time period set forth therein and, unless terminated by either the Customer or DERIKTA LT, MB, may be automatically renewed by both parties for additional periods of time.

1.3 DERIKTA LT, MB reserves the right to terminate or limit the use of the service on a specified date or at the conclusion of any extension period if the Customer fails to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in the Agreement.

1.4 The Customer is authorized to utilize the services provided by DERIKTA LT, MB only with explicit permission. If the Customer engages in the use of any services offered by DERIKTA LT, MB without proper authorization or fails to fulfill payment obligations for service extension, DERIKTA LT, MB reserves the right to terminate the cooperation.


2.1 The Customer is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided. It is the Customer’s full responsibility if any documents are rejected due to being unreliable or incomplete.

2.2 Any changes to the contact information listed in the order form must be immediately communicated by the Customer to DERIKTA LT, MB in writing.

2.3 The Customer is in charge of making sure that the business operations of the company continue as well as producing annual reports. Failure to pay taxes and duties could result in the company losing its status, paying fines, and suffering legal repercussions. The Customer is solely responsible for fulfilling all of the Company’s commitments.


3.1 DERIKTA LT, MB will exercise appropriate measures to safeguard the security of all customer data and information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

3.2 Orders will only be accepted by DERIKTA LT, MB if the Customer directly assumes responsibility for service payment.

3.3. Following these guiding principles allows DERIKTA LT, MB to conduct business honestly, put each client’s interests first, and provide excellent customer service.

3.4 DERIKTA LT, MB agrees to a cooperation agreement if the Customer submits a request. Upon the transmission of an electronic confirmation, an order is deemed accepted.

3.5 In order to cover additional costs incurred during the execution of the order, DERIKTA LT, MB has the right to charge a fee. It will be mutually agreed upon in advance what these additional fees will cost specifically.

3.6 For detailed information regarding the timeframe for receiving services from DERIKTA LT, MB, we encourage you to get in touch with one of our consultants.

3.7 DERIKTA LT, MB will not be held responsible if the Customer misinterprets the timeframe for order execution, provided that the Customer did not request any additional or more detailed information regarding the timeframe.

3.8 In the event that DERIKTA LT, MB attempts to contact the Customer regarding the extension of services but does not receive any response, DERIKTA LT, MB reserves the right to unilaterally suspend the cooperation agreement.

3.9 No responsibility is assumed by DERIKTA LT, MB for the conduct of other parties involved in executing the order, such as notary publics, translation services, governmental bodies, and postal workers.


4.1 Full payment is required by DERIKTA LT, MB to initiate the cooperation.

4.2 Clients of DERIKTA LT, MB have the option to choose from various payment methods.:

  • wire transfer;
  • payment by credit card at the DERIKTA LT, MB office;
  • payment in cash at the DERIKTA LT, MB office;
  • Western Union/Moneygram;
  • cryptocurrency payment.

4.3 The Customer shall make all necessary arrangements to guarantee that DERIKTA LT, MB receives the complete payment. Should complete payment not be received, the service won’t be offered.

4.4 In order to initiate collaboration, it is necessary for the Customer to specify their preferred payment method for the requested service to DERIKTA LT, MB. This enables DERIKTA LT, MB to furnish accurate payment instructions.

4.5 The Customer is responsible for making timely payments of all applicable state fees that arise throughout the process of fulfilling the order.


5.1 The fees charged by DERIKTA LT, MB are non-refundable. Regardless of whether the service is suspended, canceled, or extended before the current service period expires, the Customer is not eligible for a refund or the use of the paid amount to order other services from DERIKTA LT, MB.


6.1 The Customer is prohibited from providing misleading or unlawful materials or information. In the event of non-compliance with this rule, the Customer will receive an email notification stating that failure to adhere to the rules may result in the suspension of cooperation.

6.2 The Customer shall use commercially reasonable efforts to settle any disagreement that may arise between the Parties with respect to the Agreement. If a settlement cannot be achieved, the Vilnius Lithuania Court may be consulted.

6.3 This Agreement shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Lithuania.


7.1 The Customer is required to adhere to all security measures and agreements established with DERIKTA LT, MB, and must ensure that no unauthorized parties engage in any violations thereof.

7.2 Any software program used by the Customer to obtain data from the DERIKTA LT, MB website is strictly forbidden.

7.3 The customer understands that any violation is illegal and subject to repercussions, including possible criminal prosecution.

7.4 DERIKTA LT, MB is entirely responsible for safeguarding the privacy of Customer data and ensuring that it is not shared with any parties that are not involved in carrying out the order.


8.1 The complete burden of paying all applicable taxes and customs in the customer’s home country rests with them.


9.1 For the convenience of the Customer, DERIKTA LT, MB has the option to add links to other websites or resources; nevertheless, DERIKTA LT, MB has no authority over the management of these websites or resources. Because of this, DERIKTA LT, MB is not liable for the privacy practices, data gathering methods, truthfulness of the material, or standard of services offered or marketed on these third-party websites.


10.1 If DERIKTA LT, MB is unable to provide the requested services because of events or situations outside of our reasonable control, we will not be held liable to the customer.

10.2 Neither Party shall be held accountable to the other Party for the non-fulfillment of its obligations in cases where such non-fulfillment is caused by unforeseeable and uncontrollable circumstances beyond the Parties’ control. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to, declared or actual war, civil unrest, epidemics, earthquakes, floods, fires, and other natural disasters, as well as actions taken by state or municipal authorities and other force majeure events.

10.3 A Party must promptly and no later than 3 (three) days after the occurrence of such circumstances notify the other Party if it becomes impossible for it to fulfill its commitments because of force majeure. The nature of the obstruction and how it affects the Party’s capacity to perform its duties must be expressly described in the notification.

10.4 If a Party fails to provide timely notification to the other Party regarding its inability to fulfill its obligations, it shall not have the right to claim or rely on such impossibility as a valid reason for non-performance.



Registration number: 305883144
Registration Date: 24-08-2021.
Address: Giruliu G. 5, Vilnius, 12124, Lithuania.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have during our office hours, 9AM–5PM.

+370 6279 1138

We try to answer all e-mail enquiries within 1 hour between 9AM–5PM [EASTERN EUROPEAN SUMMER TIME]


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