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A Schengen visa is required for visitors from outside the European Union who want to travel to and remain in the Republic of Lithuania or any other EU nation in order to research local markets and network with potential business partners. This visa may be issued by any Schengen member nation and is valid in all other Schengen members. This indicates that supplementary visas will not be necessary for travel within or outside the Schengen nations.

Lithuania offers a highly favorable and efficient process for obtaining a Schengen visa, making it the optimal choice. Regardless of your nationality, you can benefit from a fast and affordable visa application process. Lithuania maintains a remarkable success rate compared to other European Union member countries. In the following sections, we will delve into the reasons behind Lithuania’s exceptional visa system and explain how it has achieved such a reputation.

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Popular European Union nations like Germany or France are having a harder time managing their large levels of immigration, which has resulted in harsher immigration regulations and more expensive and complicated visa application processes. It is advisable to divert your attention to less populous nations like Lithuania, which may not be as well known to tourists but provides the same ease of travel as any other EU nation at a reasonable price. Notably, there is a good chance to be one of the 50,000 foreigners who receive D-type visas from the Lithuanian government each year. We will go into more detail about how company formation in Lithuania can be used to get a D-type visa in the sections that follow.

One year multiple entry type D national visa

A Lithuanian National Type D visa, created particularly for this use, may be applied for by a foreign national who established a new firm in Lithuania. One benefit is that we can conduct the full visa application remotely since the company registration process does not require the foreigner’s personal presence in Lithuania. This visa allows the foreigner to enter and leave the European Union freely as many times as necessary without any restrictions on the number of entries, and it allows them to stay in Lithuania and other EU nations throughout the entire year.

Advantages of National Type D visa:

  1. There is no requirement to stay a minimum number of days in Lithuania.
  2. There is no requirement to employ local citizens in the company.
  3. There is no requirement for an educational diploma.
  4. There is no requirement to operate the company for a specific duration in order to apply for a visa.

Documents necessary to initiate the procedure: copy of passport, native-country address where you currently reside, phone number, and email.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to get a long-term Schengen visit visa is through this process. It is crucial to understand that because this visa does not confer residency status, it does not entitle holders to free access to healthcare or education services or citizenship. However, it permits several entrances and departures into and out of Lithuania and other nations in the European Union during the course of a year.

The National Type D visa in Lithuania is specifically designed for newly registered start-up companies that are less than one year old. This visa is valid for one year and can be renewed for an additional year if your company has been actively operating during the first year. Under one company registration, up to four individuals can apply for a National Type D visa, allowing you to include your family members in the same company and obtain visas of the same category for the entire family.

In order to be eligible for the Lithuanian National Type D visa, foreigners must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The applicant must either be a shareholder or a director of a registered company in Lithuania.
  2. The share capital of the Company shall be at least 28,000 EUR. The applicant does not have to personally deposit money to create the company’s share capital. We will temporarily deposit our own money to satisfy the share capital need throughout the business registration procedure, and after the registration is finished, the money will be withdrawn from the bank account.

You will discover a comprehensive, step-by-step explanation of the entire procedure here

Stage 1

Please provide us with copies of the passports of the Lithuanian business partners you wish to apply for visas for as well as their home country's residence address. Up to four partners may be included on a single company registration. The relevant agreement for the service and payment will be prepared by us.

Stage 2

Proceed with the payment of the service fee to our company through a bank transfer.

Stage 3

Our legal staff will carefully compile the required paperwork for company formation. For your convenience, these forms will be emailed to you along with instructions on how to print them off and sign them. After signing, please email us the signed documents that have been scanned.

Stage 4

We will immediately complete the company registration and visa application files after receiving the signed forms. Normally, this procedure takes 5 to 10 days. Once everything is finished, we'll email you the application file and more information.

Stage 5

Following receipt of our complete package of documents, kindly submit the file to the Lithuanian embassy or representative embassy in your area. The processing of your visa application will be handled by them.

Stage 6

You can pick up your passport with the visa stamped from the same embassy after two weeks of visa processing. Once you have it, you will be able to visit any member state of the Schengen area without a visa for a period of one year.

Short term Schengen visitor visa

There are several sorts of visas available as well, including the short-term visa. There are two types of Schengen visas: single entry and multiple entry. A multiple entrance visa allows for many entries and exits throughout the visa’s validity period, in contrast to a single entry visa, which only allows for one entry and one exit from the European Union. These visas are often issued as single entries with a one- to two-week validity.

Short term business visa is called Type-C Schengen visa.

A foreigner may submit their application for a Lithuanian business visa at any nearby VFS Global visa agency office or at a representative embassy of another member state of the European Union that provides visas on Lithuania’s behalf. For instance, the Spanish embassy in Iran issues visas on behalf of Lithuania, as does the Hungarian embassy in Pakistan. Representative embassies from other nations may also grant Schengen visas on Lithuania’s behalf. This article contains further details about Visa Application Centers.

To apply for a single entry short-term Type-C Lithuanian business visa, the following documents must be submitted:

  1. For the application of a single entry short-term Type-C Lithuanian business visa, it is required to provide a valid passport that will remain valid for at least three months beyond the visa expiration date. The passport should have been issued within the past 10 years.
  2. Please complete the Lithuanian visa application form online by clicking here.
  3. You will need to provide a colorful picture with dimensions of 35x45mm for the visa application form.
  4. Please submit documents that clearly state the purpose of your business travel to Lithuania. Typically, these include company registration documents in Lithuania and a business invitation letter approved by the Lithuanian Migration Department, which will be issued by our company specifically for your visit to Lithuania. This serves as a guarantee that we will provide assistance and support during your stay within the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.
  5. 30,000 EUR worth of health insurance coverage that is valid throughout the whole Schengen area.
  6. You must provide either a hotel reservation receipt or proof of funds demonstrating your ability to cover accommodation expenses in Lithuania
  7. A bank statement proving you have enough money to support yourself in Lithuania for the duration of the visa’s validity period is required. The current minimum is 40 EUR per day. For instance, you must show that you have at least 400 EUR accessible if you intend to remain in Lithuania for 10 days. As proof of funds, it is advisable to produce an authorized bank statement.
  8. You are encouraged to provide any additional documents that demonstrate your professional accomplishments in your home country, such as proof of your present employment, a history of business ventures, work experience, employment contracts, records of business ownership, diplomas from accredited institutions, or any other pertinent documents that will help an embassy official confirm that you are a legitimate businessperson.
  9. Pay a 60 EUR consular fee

A multiple entry short-term Type-C Lithuanian visa can be obtained if a foreigner plans to visit Lithuania and depart from it more than once. This particular sort of visa is issued under special conditions and is good for up to a year.

  1. A multiple entry short-term Type-C Lithuanian visa can be granted to a foreigner who has relatives residing in the Republic of Lithuania.
  2. A multiple entry short-term Type-C Lithuanian visa can be issued to a foreigner who holds a residence permit in a European Union country that is not part of the Schengen zone.
  3. If a foreigner owns any type of real estate in Lithuania, regardless of its size, location, or value, they are eligible to apply for a multiple entry short-term Type-C Lithuanian visa.
  4. A foreigner who serves as a director or board member of a foreign company that has registered a branch office in Lithuania is eligible to apply for a multiple entry short-term Type-C Lithuanian visa.
  5. A foreigner who has previously been issued two single entry Lithuanian Schengen visas is eligible to apply for a multiple entry short-term Type-C Lithuanian visa.

The foreigner has the option to apply for a two-year Schengen visa on the same basis once the initial one-year visa expires. They also become qualified to apply for a three-year Schengen visa with multiple entries once the second one expires, continuing on the same terms.

Business invitation letter

In order to build a strong foundation for their application for a Lithuanian business visa, we strongly advise foreigners to create a company in Lithuania. Our company will issue two business invitation letters for your visit to Lithuania once the company registration is complete. These invitation letters represent our company’s assurance to the embassy and migration department that we will help and support you while you are visiting Lithuania. Usually, it takes three to five days for the Lithuanian migration department to approve these business invitation letters.

Our company will be in charge of filing the needed paperwork to get the invitation approved. The department will provide a confirmation reference number and a copy of the invitation letter after it has been authorized. No original hardcopies of the invitation letter are provided while requesting a visa through a Lithuanian consulate overseas. The migration department will give an original hard copy of the invitation letter with an official stamp and officer’s signature if the foreign applicant applies through a representative embassy, such as the Hungarian embassy in Pakistan, which issues visas on behalf of Lithuania. The visa application form must include this letter.

Only single entry Lithuanian visas are eligible for the business invitation letter. A foreign national must apply on a separate basis or fulfill certain requirements if they want to be granted multiple entry visas.

Purchasing Real Estate in Lithuania

A foreigner may apply for a one-year multiple entry Schengen visa if they own property in Lithuania. The main prerequisite is that the property must be intended for residential use, enabling the foreigner to reside there when visiting Lithuania. The government does not set a minimum investment amount. Commercial buildings are inappropriate for this use. With prices starting at 20,000 EUR, purchasing a tiny apartment in a rural area is quite doable. The price of the real estate, representation at the notary throughout the purchase process, government costs, and the creation of the client’s visa application file are all included in the fee. After acquiring the apartment, the foreign buyer can apply for a multiple-entry Schengen visa good for one year. As long as they continue to own the apartment, they can renew the visa every year. In the end, you might be able to return your investment in full or in part by selling the property.



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