Residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania

In Lithuania, a resident permit can be obtained by a citizen of a non-EU nation. With the flexibility to leave and enter the nation several times, this permit entitles the foreigner to year-round residence in Lithuania. Additionally, it permits visa-free travel to all nations that are Schengen zone members. In Lithuania, residency is normally granted for one year at first, with the option of renewal for two years or, in some circumstances, three years.

Lithuanian residence permits are available in two types: temporary and permanent.

A TRP card, also known as a temporary residency permit, is given for a period of one, two, or a maximum of three years. A permanent residence permit, on the other hand, is valid for five years. You must have a temporary residence permit and stay in Lithuania continuously for five years in order to be eligible for permanent residency. You have the right to seek for permanent residency once this period has passed.

You have the option to renew your temporary residence visa for as many years as you require, whether that be five, ten, fifteen, or twenty. However, you must be willing to take the Lithuanian language and constitution examinations if you want to be granted a permanent residency status. The Education Development Center oversees and conducts these tests. Foreigners may seek for citizenship in the Republic of Lithuania after ten years of residence in Lithuania.

Due to Lithuania’s accessibility, effectiveness, and added benefit of visa-free travel to other EU nations, immigration is growing in popularity among foreigners. The most common method of obtaining residency in Lithuania is to register a business and join as a shareholder or director. You won’t have to stress about the difficulties of creating the residence permit application yourself if you select this option. Our group of experienced attorneys will prepare the essential paperwork and attentively handle the entire process on your behalf.

The main legal act regulating the residence permits is Lithuanian Law on the Legal status of Aliens

Programs for Immigration to Lithuania

  1. Company Ownership or Directorship

Up to four people may apply for a residence permit in Lithuania under this specific immigration category under one organization. There are no restrictions on the nationalities of the maximum of three shareholders and one director. An alternative is to submit a single application for a residence permit on behalf of both the shareholder and the director. The first term of the residency permit is one year, and subsequent extensions are given for additional terms of two years. An applicant may submit an application for a permanent residence permit after having a temporary residence permit for five years. Additionally, applicants are allowed to invite members of their families.

The company must fulfill certain requirements established by the migration department.

  • The minimum share capital requirement for the company is 28,000 EUR, and each shareholder must own shares with a minimum value of 14,000 EUR. This suggests that a share capital value of 28,000 EUR is adequate if there are only one or two shareholders. However, the share capital value must be at least 42,000 EUR if there are three shareholders. It’s vital to remember that the share capital money does not have to be deposited.
  • A minimum of one Lithuanian citizen must also be employed by the company, and their pay must be at least double the national average, which is presently 890 EUR. As a result, the corporation needs pay all of its Lithuanian employees a minimum salary of 1,780 EUR. Making sure that the total of all the employees’ pay satisfies this condition is more important than the quantity of employees that are hired.
  • The company must have been in operation for at least six months. This implies that you must operate your firm for at least six months after registering it before requesting a Lithuanian resident permit from the migration office. The migration department may require supporting evidence from Lithuanian citizens during the application process, including bank statements, sales and purchase invoices, partnership contracts, office lease agreements, and employment contracts.

Minimum Costs to Operate a Company in Lithuania:

  • Government taxes are calculated based on two average salaries, amounting to 900 EUR per month.
  • Office rental costs start from 150 EUR per month.
  • Accounting services typically cost around 100 EUR per month.

The total minimum expenses amount to 1,150 EUR per month.

Procedure: It usually takes 5 business days to register a company. The business must be active for at least six months after registration is finished. After this time, we will create the application forms and accompanying paperwork for residency permits within 5 business days. The migration department typically takes two months to make a decision. The Lithuanian migration department is another option for applicants who prefer not to go through an embassy. Registration of a firm does not require personal appearance.

  1. Registration of a Representative Office or Branch Office in Lithuania

This premise gives applicants the freedom to submit applications on an infinite basis. The Lithuanian branch office of the international mother firm might hire its own staff members. This implies that managers and experts can live there. A minimum of one year of work experience in their international mother firm is required of all workers who are committed to working in the branch office. Lithuania will only provide residence permits for a maximum of three years. After this time, workers must leave Lithuania and go back to their parent company. The residence permit may not be renewed for more than three years. There is no requirement to employ Lithuanian citizens, as the foreign company can transfer only its own employees.

Required documents:

  • The foreign company registration extract needs to have an apostille or other kind of legalization.
  • A copy of your passport, along with your residential address and contact details.
  • Legalized or apostille-approved education diploma
  • Contract for employment from the overseas parent firm.

Procedure: It normally takes 10 business days to register a branch office in Lithuania. For candidates who wish to apply for a residence permit in Lithuania on the basis of branch office registration, it will take an extra 5 to 10 business days to complete the application files after the registration. The migration department’s decision typically takes two months to be issued. The Lithuanian migration department is another option for applicants who prefer not to go through an embassy. The registration process for branch offices does not require personal appearance.

Minimum Costs to Operate a Branch Office in Lithuania:

  • Government taxes based on one employee’s wage amount to 200 EUR per month.
  • Office rental costs for a branch office start from 150 EUR per month.
  • Accounting services for a branch office typically cost around 100 EUR per month.

The total minimum expenses for operating a branch office amount to 450 EUR per month.

  1. Performing a job requiring high professional skills

You will create a company on the basis of this and work for it. There are no restrictions on hiring Lithuanian citizens, and one company may employ many people. A bachelor’s or master’s degree is a prerequisite, and the remuneration given by the Lithuanian company must be at least 2,670 EUR.

Procedure: It usually takes 5 business days to register a firm. Within five business days of the registration being finished, we will compile the application papers and accompanying paperwork for the Lithuanian resident permit. The migration department’s decision typically takes two months to be issued. The Lithuanian migration department is another option for applicants who prefer not to go through an embassy. Registration of a firm does not require personal appearance.

  • Government taxes based on the wage of one highly skilled employee amount to 1,450 EUR per month.
  • Office rental costs  start from 150 EUR per month.
  • Accounting services typically cost around 100 EUR per month.

The total minimum expenses amount to 1,700 EUR per month.

  1. Investment-based residency permit in Lithuania

By making an investment in a firm or business that is already formed and running, one may be granted a residency visa in Lithuania. When compared to launching a firm from scratch, choosing to buy either the full business or a third of an existing company saves time and money. In Lithuania, there are many active firms and business possibilities for sale. As the company currently generates income to pay its operating costs and possibly deliver dividends to shareholders, purchasing such a company would not require new financial deposits to sustain its operations. The procedure for acquiring a Lithuanian residency permit on this basis is comparable to setting up a new business and managing it. However, since the purchased company would already be operational with employees, bank statements, invoices, premises, turnovers, and other necessary elements essential for successfully obtaining a Lithuanian residence permit, there is no requirement in this case to demonstrate six months of business activity (which the migration department typically requires).

The process of purchasing a running business varies in each case, as we strive to find a genuine and cost-effective business that suits our client’s needs. Prices for available businesses generally range from 15,000 EUR to 50,000 EUR. Acquiring such a company can provide up to four residence permits for foreigners in Lithuania.

Family immigration to Lithuania

The ability to invite family members to live with you is available to applicants who have been granted a residence permit in Lithuania. This means that if a person is granted residency, they are also permitted to bring their spouse and any children who are less than 18 to live in Lithuania. The length of the family members’ residence permits will be the same as the first applicant’s permit. Family members are not needed to pay any additional taxes, work for the business, or own any stock.

Lithuania immigration from Pakistan

We offer business immigration programs that facilitate the immigration process for all citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan who wish to migrate to Lithuania. While Lithuania does not have its own embassy in Pakistan, the Embassy of Hungary handles visa applications on behalf of Lithuania. Pakistani citizens can apply for a visa to Lithuania at the Hungarian embassy. As part of our services, we are able to issue a business invitation letter for applicants to present during document submission. Please note that it is not possible to submit residency documents at the Hungarian representative office. To submit your documents, you will need to visit the nearest Lithuanian embassy, which may be located in countries such as India, Turkey, Egypt, or other countries. Rest assured that we can remotely register a company or branch office and provide the necessary documents for applicants in Pakistan to apply for a visa or residence permit.

Lithuania immigration from India

The best country from which to request a Lithuanian business visa or residence permit is India. The Lithuanian embassy’s location in New Delhi makes it simple for applicants to visit and submit their paperwork. The applicant will receive all required documents by courier after we arrange them remotely. Once the candidate has received the necessary paperwork, they can apply online for a visa or residence permit.

How to get residence permit in Lithuania

To obtain a residence permit, it is crucial to fulfill the necessary requirements established by the migration department. There are several legal grounds available for application, and our company specifically focuses on assisting clients in the field of business immigration. The following list highlights the types of business immigration programs we cater to:

  1. Registering a company and engaging in business activities
  2. Registering a branch office and transferring foreign workers to work in it
  3. Registering a company and employing yourself as a highly skilled specialist.
  4. Purchasing an existing business and applying for residency immediately



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